BXR Agro

BXR Agro

BXR Agro is BXR Group's management and operating platform for its agribusiness investments. It is responsible for:

Selected Current Investments

Grupo Iowa

A 16,000 Ha farming operation producing corn and soybean in Western Bahia and Mato Grosso, Brazil. BXR Group is the sole shareholder.


Sistemas Productivos de Paraguay owns and operates a 2,580 Ha farm in the Concepcion region of Paraguay, providing geographic and climatic diversification for our soybean and corn farming operations.

GF Agro


An investment firm specialised in the development of marginal land in Argentina, owning 28,000 Hectares for the development of livestock farming and agricultural operations and currently leasing its entire portfolio for agricultural and livestock farming operations. BXR Group invested as part of a consortium comprising US and Argentina based high net worth investors.

Hoyo Hoyo

Among the largest oilseed producers in the country, Hoyo Hoyo operates a large scale agricultural concession in Mozambique.


Senior Contacts

Gordon Cameron Business Development

Gordon Cameron is a board member of BXR Agro* and advises on the company’s investment portfolio and business development. Gordon is from an Argentine family which has successfully operated agribusinesses in the country for over 100 years. He previously spent over 17 years in banking and private equity firms including Credit Suisse, DLJ and privately held SUN Group, structuring acquisitions, raising capital and helping to manage businesses in the natural resources space. While at BXR he has led teams analysing business opportunities worldwide, and BXR Agro has successfully invested in and built farming businesses in Brazil, Argentina, Mozambique and Malawi, leading it to become one of the few investment groups to operate agribusinesses successfully in both Latin America and Africa. Gordon has a degree in Economics from Durham University.

*The other board members of BXR Agro include BXR staff based in the Netherlands.

Miguel Bosch Chief Operating Officer

Miguel Bosch is Chief Operating Officer. He has spent over 20 years in commercial farming in Latin America and more recently in Africa. Throughout his career Miguel has managed over 250,000 Ha of farming operations dedicated to soybean, corn, sunflowers, wheat and barley. He was formerly Country Manager in Brazil for MSU Agro. He is an Argentine citizen, was educated in agronomy at Buenos Aires University and holds an MBA from Austral University (IAE).

Ignacio Fragueiro Head of Finance & Administration

Ignacio Fragueiro is Head of Finance & Administration at BXR Agro. He has over 13 years’ experience in financial administration of agribusinesses, with a main focus on cash management, debt structuring, business organisation and reporting. Prior to joining BXR Agro in 2017, he was CFO for Argensun, Argentina. He is an Argentine citizen and has a degree in Economics from Universidad Catolica Argentina (UVA), and holds an MBA from Austral University (IAE Business School).

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