BXR Group

Selected Current Investments

Corporate Investments

Viking Services


A fully integrated global oilfield service company providing high quality conventional and unconventional services with a focus on underserved markets in Turkey, Northern Iraq and Central and Eastern Europe. Shareholders of BXR Group together with Abraaj Group own 100% of Viking Services.

Central European Petroleum


A petroleum exploration company with operations in the German state of Brandenburg, and in North Western Poland. BXR Group holds an 8.2% stake.



A North American value-added reseller of technology solutions and services to SME, enterprise and public sector institutions offering solutions design, implementation and asset management services, as well as access to technology distribution networks. BXR Group invested as part of a consortium led by Birch Hill Equity Partners, holding a 92% stake in total.

Atlantis Healthcare


An international leader in providing patient adherence and behavioural change solutions to pharmaceutical companies, public health and health insurers. Atlantis Healthcare has delivered over 140 programmes across 53 disease states with offices in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, UK and USA. BXR Group is the majority shareholder.

Pet Space

A veterinary business with clinics throughout Hong Kong and in Singapore and providing diagnostics services for veterinary clinics across South-East Asia. BXR Group is the majority shareholder.

Koen Media


The leading independent producer of entertainment for the TV market and digital platforms in South Korea. The group has a diverse range of media operations, including entertainment production, talent management and providing home shopping content. BXR Group and Korea Development Bank together hold a majority stake.

Grupo Iowa

A 16,000 Ha farming operation producing corn and soybean in Western Bahia and Mato Grosso, Brazil. BXR Group is the sole shareholder.

GF Agro


An investment firm specialised in the development of marginal land in Argentina, owning 28,000 Hectares for the development of livestock farming and agricultural operations and currently leasing its entire portfolio for agricultural and livestock farming operations. BXR Group invested as part of a consortium comprising US and Argentina based high net worth investors.

Hoyo Hoyo Agribusiness

Among the largest oilseed producers in the country, Hoyo Hoyo operates a large scale agricultural concession in Mozambique.

Marex Spectron


The world’s largest privately owned broker of financial products in the commodities sector and a leader in brokering physical energy products with significant market share in the energy, metals, freight, environmental and agricultural markets – both on-exchange and over-the-counter. It is also a premier specialist broker of financial futures, foreign exchange and securities. Marex is a member of the London Metal Exchange, Eurex, Euronext, ICE Futures Europe, ICE Futures Canada and EDX. BXR Group invested as part of a consortium led by JRJ Group, holding a 72% stake in total.

ETX Capital


ETX Capital provides institutional, high net worth and retail customers with multi asset and multi market derivative dealing capability through CFDs and spread betting products. ETX Capital is the trading name of Monecor (London) Limited, a member of the London Stock Exchange, established in 1965. Shareholders of BXR Group invested as part of a consortium led by JRJ Group, holding 78.2% in total.



An engineering business specialising in wastewater treatment and organic waste-to-energy plants, using proprietary technology to develop projects in Italy, USA and other countries.

Treos Bio, Inc.


Treos Bio, Inc. is a computational immunology and immunotherapy company which has developed a proprietary technology to predict in silico likely responders to cancer immunotherapies and to design in silico next generation targeted immunotherapies for a large population of cancer patients.



Check-Cap is a young and dynamic medical device company with a breakthrough solution for colon cancer screening, working in partnership with co-investors GE Capital and GE Healthcare.

Bluenose AC Investments

BXR Group has entered into a joint investment programme with Canadian real estate investment manager Bluenose AC Investments. BXR Group and Bluenose have together invested in condominium developments in Toronto with Freed Developments and a number of self-storage sites operated by Apple SelfStorage under the Apple and Alphabet brands.

Fund Investments

Crossroads European Real Estate


A Pan European real estate fund led by David Gillerman, former head of Och-Ziff Real Estate Europe. Crossroads aims to pursue real estate opportunities across various asset classes and geographies and establish joint ventures with best in class operating partners. BXR Group is the cornerstone investor in the first Crossroads fund with representation on the investment committee and BXR Group holds a significant stake in the general partner (GP).



A private equity investment fund based in Budapest, focusing on turn-around situations in the Hungarian SME segment with HUF 5.75 billion under management. BXR Group is the cornerstone investor with representation on the investment committee and also holding a significant minority stake in the fund manager entity (GP).

Birch Hill Private Equity Fund


The leading private equity firm focusing on the Canadian mid-market segment. Birch Hill Equity Partners’ fifth private equity fund was closed in 2015 and raised CAD 1.25 billion. BXR Group is a cornerstone investor in the fifth and fourth funds.

First Reserve Fund XII LP


First Reserve is an energy industry investor, making both private equity and infrastructure investments throughout the energy value chain. First Reserve Fund XII LP was closed in 2008 and raised USD 8.9 billion.

Vietnam Investments Group


VI (Vietnam Investments) Group is one of Vietnam’s most experienced and successful private equity investors with an exclusive focus on the country’s economy. VI Group provides early-stage and expansion capital to industry-leading companies in various sectors. Since 2016, BXR Group holds an investment in VI Fund III.

Isola Capital Partners Fund


A private equity fund managed by Isola Capital, a multi-family office platform based in Hong Kong. The fund’s investment themes are based on consumer growth and awareness in the Asia Pacific Region, such as education and food safety. Isola Capital is positioned in the mid-cap, controlled-oriented private equity space in Asia focusing on value creation for its portfolio companies through the family office background.

Selected Investments by Funds

EHPC Hotels – Crossroads Real Estate


A lifestyle hotel business based in The Netherlands which is operating and developing hotels in The Netherlands, Germany and Spain under the proprietary “Sir” and “Max Brown” brands as well as third party brands. In addition to providing mezzanine funding, Crossroads holds a 50% stake in the hotels and a 33% stake in the associated food & beverage business.


Mindspace – Crossroads Real Estate


A rapidly expanding operator of co-working spaces in major cities in Israel, Germany, UK, USA and Central Europe. Crossroads holds a significant minority stake.

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