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Selected Past Investments *

The Fertility Partnership


The UK’s leading provider of IVF and related fertility services. The business was founded in 2012 by the merging of the IVF centres associated with Oxford University and Imperial College, London, and has since expanded throughout the UK and in Poland.

First Business Parks


A joint venture with German asset manager Palmira Capital Partners building a light industrial real estate focused investment and management company in Germany and Austria. This investment was made by Crossroads European Real Estate Fund and sold in 2018 to Europa Capital.

The Education

The Education is a specialist schools group in South Korea. The Education owns hakwons (schools teaching English as a second language) spread throughout the country.

Ferrexpo plc

A Swiss-headquartered resource company with assets in Ukraine, principally involved in the production and export of iron ore pellets. The company’s main asset, Ferrexpo Poltava Mining, is exploiting one of the largest iron ore resources in the world.

Green Gas International

A renewable energy company, mitigating polluting methane emissions from various sources such as coal mines and landfill sites into clean energy with attributable capacity in excess of 100MWe equivalent. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company has operations in the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.


The largest retailer of mattresses in Canada with a network of more than 200 stores and also the largest mattress retailer in Arizona.

New World Resources plc

Ultimate parent company of OKD, a Czech producer of steam and coking coal.


One of the world’s leading secure document destruction service providers, serving over 200,000 customers from a network of 140 service locations in 16 countries worldwide.

RPG Byty

RPG Byty is one of the largest privately owned rental residential real estate companies in Central Europe. It provides quality, reasonably-priced rental housing for a wide cross-section of tenants in the Moravia-Silesia region of the Czech Republic with a portfolio of approx..43,000 residential units along with commercial space and undeveloped land. After its sale, it was renamed Residomo.



One of the largest chains of dental clinics in Singapore. The company was founded in 2011 and serves over 60,000 active patients.

Malawi Mangoes


A fruit producer in Malawi developing its own agricultural operations and smallholder sourcing schemes as well as pulp processing and distribution capacity to target the growing global demand for tropical fruit purées.

Advanced World Transport

Leading private provider of rail and combined transport services in Central Europe with a fleet of more than 160 locomotives and 5,500 wagons. AWT also owns approximately 400 km of rail track infrastructure and operates 60 rail sidings and an intermodal terminal. Besides transportation, AWT provides land reclamation, groundwork and waste management services. AWT is now owned by PKP Cargo.

Asental Group

Asental’s main business is the ownership, administration and development of commercial properties and of a land portfolio in Czech Republic. The Company also cooperates with the public sector and commercial partners to assemble and develop specific new industrial parks.


PannonPower operates Hungary’s largest biomass fuelled power plant and a combined heat and power unit in Pécs, Hungary. During the ten years of ownership, the entire burning capacity of the previously outdated coal fired power plant was converted to burn wood based biomass and natural gas.


A leading producer of household chemicals in Hungary with a corporate history of over 70 years.


A leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of small domestic appliances with more than 60 years of experience in the Czech and Slovak markets.

Plastkov Group

Plastkov Group is the largest Tier 2/Tier 1 plastic injection molding automotive components manufacturer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

České Radiokomunikace

České Radiokomunikace is the primary provider in the Czech Republic of broadcast transmission and similar services and data transmission services over microwave satellite and optical links.


TVK, based in Tiszaújváros, Hungary, is one of the largest bulk chemicals groups in Central and Eastern Europe, primarily engaged in the manufacturing of petrochemical monomers, polymers and finished plastic products as well as the production of chemical raw materials including ethylene, propylene, and polyolefins.

GZ Digital Media

GZ Digital Media, based on more than 50 years of tradition of Gramofonové závody (Gramophone Record Factory), is a leading player globally in CD and DVD replication and vinyl record production.


* Including selected investment references of BXR Group's shareholders and senior BXR Partners personnel.

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